Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The beginning

  Hello! This blog is a jumble of book reviews, things that I have bought and my thoughts, some rants occasionally, and other things.
--Image cred to pintrest--

  I recently bought a few bows from a cute online store called 'oh my bow' after someone on Instagram (readingcloud9, go check them out!) gave out a code for 10% off and a free gift. I had the hardest time choosing just a few bows. The fabric choices were incredible.The prices were definitely reasonable. I finally settled on three bows. One was a map of Paris, which was the one I was most excited about. I also got a doctor who one because why not! And finally a simple graphed fabric. And of course I had to wait and see what the other bow would look like.

The packaging was super cute. Sparkly wrapping paper that held the precious bows. Her business card was attached as well.  

Now for the best part. I was so excited I squealed as I was opening the wrapping paper. (I don't celebrate Christmas or do birthday party's so this was something I don't normally do.) The bows were exactly how they were pictured on the website. Something I forgot to check off on the website was for all of my bows to be glued on with the clip. But totally my fault. 

Here is the adorable map of Paris bow. The fabric is nice and soft. I wore it last night and i got quite a few complements. 

I chose this bow because its so simple. And its my favorite pattern currently.

And here is the adorable doctor who bow. This was the only bow that was actually attached to the clip. This fabric is so stinken cute. It has the tenth doctor and eleventh doctor. And 11 is wearing a fez eeeh. Of course it has the tardis and a few of the doctors many sonic screwdrivers. 

Well! That's my first post! I hope you all like it!. I'm of course still working on the set up on my blog. My pictures where taken with my iphone, but hopefully they will get better. 

See ya around!